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Advanced Opposites Extending on FreeMotion Vertex Vibration Platform

Advanced Opposites Extending on FreeMotion Vertex Vibration Platform

What is Method 19?

Method 19 is literally the perfect fitness solution for everyone because the training framework itself has the ability to scale base upon the needs of the individual.

Method 19 workouts take exercisers through seven phases of exercise from corrective exercise through performance enhancement. Moreover, they use periodization, dose-response and sequencing to ensure that you are doing the right thing at the right time.

The unique foundation that sets Method 19 apart from the crowd:



Periodization is a methodical, systematic way of varying training programs allowing the exerciser to be most effective during training. Our bodies respond best when there is a periodized approach to the workload that we apply to them.


Dose-Response refers to the amount of exercise you are doing relative to the benefit. Spanning nearly a decade of personal research and over 70 years of industry wide research, Method 19 has the ability to understand exactly what your body needs in order to initiate change and when it needs it.


Sequencing is a scientific approach of ordering exercises within a workout and training program to achieve a maximally calculated synergistic benefit to ensure optimal results by doing the right exercises at the right time. We've studied over 1700 sequences to find the best for our clients.